Consulting Collaborations

In 2017, in response to increasing demand and an interest in investing in our capacity as nonprofit search consultants, I co-founded Clover Search Works with Emily Anthony and Mary Ellen Cunningham.  Clover Search Works is a full-service executive search and transition firm dedicated to serving both small and larger nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest. It is our mission and commitment to provide comprehensive search and transition services that leverage our knowledge and networks and respect the importance of fit with the culture and values of the organizations we serve.

Much of my work over the past many years has been done in partnership with Emily Anthony. Emily is a thoughtful and experienced consultant who has taught me that two hearts and minds are better than one. We have found that collaborating on larger consulting projects helps us deliver an excellent product to our clients. Our different strengths and experiences make it possible for us to bring more ideas and better advice to the table.

Northwest Nonprofit Notes is a collaboration started in 2013, when Emily Anthony and I found ourselves wanting to reflect upon and share what we were thinking about and learning in our work as nonprofit consultants.  We started this online webzine not knowing exactly how it would evolve, and since have published dozens of articles on a wide range of topics, including board development, fundraising, strategic planning, leadership, executive transition, and more.  We've grown our contributing authors to include a handful of other impressive nonprofit consultant warriors and are committed to maintaining this platform for sharing and learning and growing.  Check it out!