About Julie Edsforth

I am a Seattle-based nonprofit consultant helping individuals, nonprofit organizations and community initiatives do their best work to bring about positive, progressive change that promotes the health and well-being of people and the planet.

My consulting practice is more than my day job. It's a vehicle for me to contribute to the missions and highest aspirations of the organizations I serve, and an expression of my progressive social, political, and environmental values. I bring optimism and commitment to equity and justice, and a fundamental belief in the power of working in partnership with diverse groups of people to solve some of society’s most complex problems.

Since hanging my shingle as a nonprofit consultant in 2008, I have been lucky to work with 40+ nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy working with organizations of all shapes and sizes and across all issue areas – it keeps me flexible, perpetually learning, and able to cross-pollinate new ideas, innovations and best practices across sub-sectors.

The cross-functional nature of my consulting practice and 25+ years of varied experience in the nonprofit sector (as an executive director, social worker, counselor, board member, consultant, philanthropist and community volunteer) means I am holistic in my approach and bring a compassionate and balanced perspective to organizational growth and change management. My experience enables me to relate firsthand to the challenges and rewards that come with surviving and thriving in a dynamic nonprofit environment.

I am the former executive director and one of three founders of Powerful Voices, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that fosters adolescent girls’ development. Prior to my work in the nonprofit sector, I spent time in the high tech industry where I gained business skills that I carefully bring into my nonprofit work. I am a graduate of Whitman College and have a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington.