We all have them: special skills, perspectives, hopes, ideals – traits and characteristics that we work each and every day to bring to the table, be known for, hold ourselves accountable to.  Here are the ones I’m actively cultivating in myself and my consulting practice:

The work of tackling societal problems is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to set ambitious goals, to try new things, to ask for help, and to risk failure. I see my clients conjure up courage every day— and it inspires me to bring that same level of courage to my work.

Study upon study has found that humor at work makes us more productive, more creative, and generally happier.  I remind myself that while the work is serious and often urgent, humor helps me have fun along the way, holding that intensity lightly and allowing me to stay in the effort longer and with more grace.

Virtually all of my work is done in collaboration with others—task forces, committees, partnerships, coalitions. Even coaching. I am consistently amazed, rejuvenated, and inspired by how much can be accomplished when part of a team that respects and trusts each other.

Flexibility & Agility
No matter how solid the plan, it’s impossible to predict the future. What’s important is to watch for needed adjustments to the plan, to respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges, and to be willing to re‐think approach when necessary.

To every project, I bring my 25+ years of accumulated expertise, and real-world perspective to the task at hand. I also bring open-mindedness and curiosity, so that I’m learning and growing with each new experience.

Love in the workplace?! Isn’t that a bad idea? A wise consultant posited the notion to me a few years back. And it made me realize that, yes, I do indeed bring love to my work! I love my clients, I love the work I do, I love and admire and am grateful for the work being done in the nonprofit sector.