Navigating the healthy growth and development of your nonprofit means you are addressing any number of change initiatives at once. Yet, there is rarely enough time nor in-house expertise to devote to these important efforts. Acquiring the consulting help you need at the time you need it is one of the smartest decisions you can make – you get quality process facilitation that delivers what you need to move your organization’s mission forward.

The nature of my services is that they rarely fit neatly into one category of service or another. Your primary need may be board development, but we may integrate fundraising strategy development and skills training into the process. We might be meeting monthly in one-on-one coaching and in preparing for a staff retreat, I step in to facilitate it. An executive search might include post-hire leadership coaching or organization-wide capacity building, depending upon your new leader and the organization's stage of development. Or, I might come in to facilitate an intensive strategic planning process and then be on-call for advice and counsel in the months to follow.

Strategy Development & Planning

Envisioning the future for your organization, goal-setting, hearing from a broad range of constituents, reaching agreement across a diverse board and staff team - these are at the core of great strategy development and planning.  But there’s no one-size fits all.  Your approach will depend on what’s come before, the time-horizon you’re planning for, and your organization’s culture and expectations. I offer comprehensive facilitation of strategic planning efforts as well as a-la-carte facilitation, advice, and counsel.

Executive Coaching and Advising

Leadership is a life-long pursuit, usually involving a fair number of twists and turns along the way.  I am a true believer in the value of having a trusted thought-partner in your corner who can provide support, candid feedback, and an outside perspective.  I work with nonprofit executive leaders who are focused on strengthening their professional leadership and management skills, offering one‐on‐one coaching, advising, and planning sessions.

Board Development

A high performing board is a true asset to an organization – providing crucial oversight, credibility and outside perspective while opening doors to new people and opportunities.  But, your board members and the habits, structures, and systems that organize their work won’t develop themselves. It requires focused planning, system development, and skill-building.  I conduct board assessments and provide board skills trainings (including fundraising), board recruitment facilitation, on-boarding guidance, and governance advice and counsel.

Organizational Development & Capacity Building

The dynamic, ever-changing nature of the nonprofit world means that your organization needs to be continually adaptive and resourceful if it is to grow and develop and deliver on its mission.  This means implementing the ‘just-right’ amount of new systems, structures, processes, and skills needed to match your stage of development and organizational maturity.   I assess organizational capacity, write capacity building plans, and coach teams on implementation.

Executive Search & Transition

Times of executive transition can be some of the most trying times of all for nonprofit organizations.  That said, navigation done with professionalism and integrity can actually be a great experience for your board, staff, and stakeholders – and it sets up the organization for a secure and successful future.  I offer full‐service search services, succession planning, transition readiness preparation, transition communications advice and counsel, and on-boarding support through a new venture I co-founded in 2017: Clover Search Works.  Learn more HERE.